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Georgia CNA Examination Information

The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) consists of two components; a written or oral portion and a skills-demonstration portion. The oral portion is offered in English and Spanish. Each candidate must successfully complete both components of the exam before a state can add their name to the state nurse aide registry. For information about testing in Georgia visit: Georgia Nurse Aides

Career Education Resources

For nursing assistant resources please visit: Nursing Assistant

Also, the Georgia CNA Association has other helpful information to assist Certified Nursing Assistants working in Georgia please visit:

Employment Resources

Finding a job can be a challenging experience. It starts with having a professional attitute and strong work ethic, then having the proper education and certifications, and then creating a winning resume that will get the attention of an employer. Our training programs are designed to teach you the skills necessary to be successful in your chosen field. Many of the online resources will want you to register and create a profile. We encourage you to take advantage of the resume writing and interviewing skills and tips that they provide. You should not have to pay anything to use these services.

  1. MyCNAJobs
  2. Georgia Department of Labor
  3. AJC Jobs
  4. CareerBuilder
  5. Craigslist Healthcare Jobs
  7. Monster Jobs
  9. Care Family

Health care salaries

Wanting to know what salary to expect in a chosen field is normal. Wages and earnings can depend on a combination of factors such as your experience, locality (city and state), location, area, facility, size of the facility, healthcare setting, unit, number of hours worked, benefits, as well as the shift worked. It's a good idea to research current job openings in the healthcare setting and locations you're willing to travel.

I want to further my education, what additional resources are there for me?

  • Healthcare Salaries
  • Continuing Education Resources

    Continuing education is important to help you stay current on your skills and to help you be aware of current trends and changes pertaining to your occupation. There maybe minimum continuing education unit (CEU) requirements if you hold certain certifications or work on certain jobs. Please check with your human resource department or the organization where you receive your certification.

  • Medline University
  • Google Search
  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteering provides an opportunity for you to become aware of the needs of your community. It also enables you to provide a beneficial service free of cost to the community.

  • Network For
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