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Bargain Variety Market

"Personal Shopping"
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Welcome to Bargain Variety Market!

Offering sellers and shoppers an opportunity to experience a 3-fold mixed shopping experience through online sales, privately in person, and publicly through quarterly swap meets. We're experienced part-time sellers who enjoy making extra income in our spare time. We want to help you by providing you assistance with buying or selling.

Sell a little or sell a bunch. Got a small business or information such as a business opportunity to share? This would be an excellent platform to meet and greet the community and reach other like-minded and interested individuals. Office and meeting space is available for a nominal hourly rental fee.

For only $9.99 a month, you can become a member of Bargain Variety Market. We will help you to get setup selling and marketing your merchandise . Clear out some clutter and earn some extra cash! Display and market your handmade goods, arts and crafts. We will sit down with you and provide you with a number of options to help meet your needs and get you up and running as quickly and as efficiently and affordable as possible. Please note: additional fees may be incurred for listing on some sites and for swap meet vendor participation.

1. Buy Affordable New and Gently used clothes and shoes for the entire family @Bargain Variety Market Store

2. Shop our Lil Avon Kiosk (free product pickup and limited delivery area)Shop our Avon kiosk

3. Shop the full selection of Avon products online @Ms Amos Avon Representative

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