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Active Assist Care, Inc.

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Vision Statement

"We're leading the way in hands-on training and actively assisting you to provide the highest level of care.

Mission Statement

The mission of Active Assist Care is to actively engage and motivate our students by providing relevant classroom and hands-on learning experiences that will empower them to become active participants in their own learning to prepare each to deliver compassionate, competent, and professional care while stepping up to the challenge of embracing career advancement opportunities in a variety of health care settings.

Who are we?

We are a Georgia State Registered and Approved Nurse Aide Training Program. We offer CNA and CPR classes at various times to meet the demands of our students and lead to certification. We have plans to offer other classes and training in the near future, so please visit our Contact Us page to learn how to stay in touch with us.

What do we do?

Our approach in helping you to achieve your career gaols is to facilitate and support your learning experience in a positive, fun, and relaxed atmosphere. We provide a quality affordable education in a small classroom environment that offers more individualized attention and instruction. Our in-house clinical skills lab preparation offer opportunities for extensive practice and skill building. We then further enhance your learning by placing you in an actual real hands-on clinical setting in a local nursing facility where you will provide supervised care of residents. Our dedicated, experienced and well-trained instructors bring together years of nursing experience and are here to help you learn the skills necessary for long-term success.

logoWhere are we?

We occupy the 2nd floor of a 2-story building located in Andy's Plaza facing Church Street (Riverdale Rd.)in the heart of Riverdale, GA. Upon entering our doors, you'll be welcomed to our front lobby and lounge reception area. To your left you'll find a small study library that's available for your use. And to your right you'll enter our large comfortable and relaxing classroom environment where an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration among fellow classmates is promoted. Our classroom and laboratory instruction involves a variety of fun and lively interactive lectures, activities, discussions, and demonstrations. Connected to this main classroom is a skills laboratory with an adjacent restroom where students simulate patient care and are checked off on procedures prior to any real hands-on care. Our training center is complete with a break room, playroom, refrigerator, microwave, snack machine, coffee and tea, Wi-Fi access, additional restroom, and administrative offices. There's plenty room for parking.

logoOur Goals

We hope to be a unique community-based learning facility where students come to get relevant affordable training in the shortest period of time to help them secure and/or maintain gainful employment.

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